Loyalty Marketing MTADA Presentation

Loyalty Marketing MTADA Presentation

I just wrapped up my Loyalty Marketing Discussion at the Montana Auto Dealer’s Association 100 anniversary meeting. Right away dealers began asking for a copy of my presentation. So here it is.MTADA-Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Marketing mtada

Micah Birkholz Sharing Loyalty Marketing Strategies

“What is the lifetime value of a customer? How much do they spend on average with their dealership? Why do some dealerships have…

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Servant Leadership, Coaching and Management

Servant Leadership, Coaching and Management

Are we Leaders or just Managers? Great question that many people ask of themselves and those above them in the hierarchy of their business. If you walk into any bookseller or shop online in Ibooks or the Kindlestore you can find literally hundreds if not thousands of titles that address this. When you read and truly study this you will find there is a huge disparity between the two. I strive to…

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Passion and Insanity In the Car Business

Passion and Insanity In the Car Business

I have met thousands of salespeople who say they are passionateabout selling, truth is they are not, they are passionate about making money. Passion. Truth is that word sickens me, it is a buzzword that has been over used time and time again. Passion is suffering…. passion is not excitement. You know the definition of insanity? If you silently answered to yourself, “it is doing the same thing…

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