I only watch my kids’ sports,why? Theyre not old enough beat wives and kids yet…

So this is my war-room! Any other home office warriors wanna share your set ups?

Leadership With Character-Joshua Birkholz

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”-Norman Schwarzkopf


Joshua Birkholz Presenting

To say that I look up to my brother Joshua is an understatement. Intelligent calm and collected he has character traits I always dreamed of having. Recently he shared with me this presentation he gave.

“When wealthis lost, nothing…

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Leadership Lessons

To say the past couple days have been rough is an understatement. I have had a couple meetings, calls and emails that have drastically changed the course of events and “my plans”. Luckily, a friend gave me this list to read. It helped me to refocus and realize where I could be better, where I could do better, and that to be successful I need to be a servant leader. Time to swallow my pride and…

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Tonka Truck and Nostalgia-Love This Truck!

Tonka Truck and Nostalgia-Love This Truck!

Relive your childhood, test drive today.

ford f150 trucks in stillwater mn area

F-Series Tonka Truck Cox Motors

Tonka, the word brings back waves of nostalgia. Hours of fun spent in the backyard bulldozing and creating cities in the dirt.


The sandbox has changed and the toys have gotten bigger. Your childhood is back and here at Cox Motors in New Richmond. Re-live your childhood and create new memories with the Tonka Truck F-Series.
minnesota state fair tonka truck

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